This is probably the most useful day that a programming management team will spend together .The  station Station Style Guide  is a living document which  is the reference book for how the station sounds and is represented to the public on air and in its marketing above and below the line .  It clearly states the target audience and who the target listeners . It will provide some insight into the listener interests and what is appropriate or not appropriate in talking to the listener. The guide is designed by the  team over the day using a provided template and  a guide to assist and drive the process of capturing the essence of the station in a very practical document encorporating all on air policy .

Typically the station standard programming clock would be included with break patterns. Policy on speech windows , music policy  promotions and the unbreakable rules should be included. Standard strap lines, interview rules contest compliance etc.
The style guide provides for all  disciplinary and regulatory issues, emergency process etc.